“Teach Them How” (TTH) opened its doors in 2004 working with the Illinois Department of Corrections to provide transitional housing for former inmates to become productive members of society.

In keeping with the pace of the changing community that it serves, “Teach Them How” broadened its programmatic initiatives to reach the youth in 2006. In addition to training, students participated in college campus visits and anti-violence rallies. Exposure to seminars on creating business plans, capacity building and strategic planning allowed them to develop their entrepreneurial skills by creating their own small businesses. A representative sample of the services they provided to the community included lawn care, packing and moving; commercial and residential cleaning, carpet cleaning, along with other services. This high impact work was balanced with fun when the students participated in a play and fashion show.

In 2012, it began restructuring to improve organizational capacity. Early activities were redesigned as named programs and developed for funding and expansion including:

  1. Eat for Life
  3. Urban Visions Chicago (coming summer, 2015)
  4. Money Smart Week

It’s time for Peace and Security!
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