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“Chicago Speaks” with Broadcast Journalist & Radio Host, Darryl Dennard

If you missed us on V103 with Broadcast Journalist, Darryl W. Dennard, Host of “Chicago Speaks” on V103, tune in now. We were interviewed as one of the organizations in Chicago designed to help people be the BEST that they can be. Tune in and catch Clotiel Fleming, CEO and Ka-Sean Sanders, “Lovejoy Empowers” on the link above. Please note that we are near the closing of the show.

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Our Mission Statement

The mission of “Teach Them How”, is to bring families together, while promoting a sense of self-worth to youth & young adults. This is done through education, entrepreneurship, and training.

Our Vision

To restore health in inner-city neighborhoods & special needs groups by teaching them how to create self-sustaining lives.

Our Goal

To provide innovative programs that revitalizes lives and communities that result in an improved quality of life and translate into societal benefit for all.

Major Highlights

TTH Events


A Transitional Housing Program For Men- keeping families together.

It was a joint project with the Statesville Correctional prison to providing a home for 38 inmates. They were in the process of working towards going home; a work/live program. The services provided were Job training, drug and behavioral counseling, GED program and a job referral program. The program was in effect to 2006. Due to the growth of the program the inmates were transferred to a larger facility.


Healthy Teacher Network- Learning Healthy Eating Habits 9/24/09

TTH joined together with the local Chicago Public High Schools to promote healthy eating habits. As well as provided instructions on the values of a healthy diet and green habits.

From Goodness to Greater- 12/29/09

Worked with Woods and Crosswords Foundation of Chicago

Mentoring and providing Higher Education options

Black Star Program 1/09-11/26/10

Student Motivation Program- Fenger, Corliss and Julian High School


Yes We Count- NAACP 2010 Census Campaign – 2/3/10

Poetry Slam Competition Open to Age groups 18-30 years

A joint partnership between the organizations: The Greater Chatham, The Greater Englewood, The Greater Washington Park and The Greater Roseland Communities.

Second Chance Program- Olive Harvey College

Total You- a program for returning veterans: Upgrading computer skills, GED programs, Mentoring and job referral program.

Put Illinois To Work- The Heartland Alliance Human Care Services- 6/10-6/13

The program consisted of 20 young adults focusing on health issues (AIDS/HIV), higher education options including college visits and job training.

Choose Life- A Community based Research Project

High School Freshman students were asked to a complete an anonymous survey concerning safety in the schools (gang activity and bulling). The High Schools targeted were Percy L. Julian, Gwendolyn Brooks, Carver Military Academy, Corliss, Fenger and Morgan Park.  For participationing in the project the students received a $5.00 gift card from Subway. The project’s goal was to help deter violence in the school system. A Youth Ambassador program was also sponsored with an ambassador from each to focus on the concerns arrived from the survey.

Eat for Life- Grow Your Own Food Project 9/6/10-12/12 and 1/13-12/15

This a six week program conducted at the Fernwood Park District. The project consisted of learning about vegetables and herbs and the benefits of growing your own food. Knowing what it takes to maintain a garden and the nutrition value and satisfaction of good health. The student were able to take any extra produce to the wholesale Farmer’s Market. This helped understand the financial benefits of marketing produce. This program was joint project with the Self Development of the People (SDOP), PNC Bank and Corliss High School.

Obama Garden Project- Community Gardens In The Park- Chicago Park Disitrict-9/22/10

Students were taught gardening skills from Master Gardeners: Bernard Spencer Sr and Bernard Spencer Jr. The Master gardeners’ donated their time and materials to help beautify the park. The students were taught about: flowers, plants, trees as well as vegetables. The students were urged to take the skills they learned to help beautify their homes and neighborhoods.


Entrepreneur Training Class for Youth-3/23/13

The class provided the three components needed for a successful business:

A Business Plan

The legal rules of starting a business

Financial literacy Class

The class was sponsored by PNC Bank and the Fernwood Park District.

Generation Wealth Class- Financial literacy Program- 4/22/2013

31 students participated in a 90 minute program on the value of money making money work for you. This program was in conjunction with PNC Bank.


One Summer Chicago Basketball Competition- 6/29/15-8/10/15

Every Saturdays the young men would participate in the tournament. They learned social bonding, experienced team work and sportsmanship.


Energy Retrofit Training- Solar Installation and Maintance- 9/15/18

Intake –sign up for the project

Collaborative venture with the Roseland Community and Chicago Housing Authority


Teach Them How has worked with the PNC Bank through the years with their Financial Literacy Program. The classes have been held at Corliss and Fernwood Park throughout the years. The program title: Learn How to Be a Millionaire- How Money can work for you. The dates were as follows: 4/22/13, 3/17/14, 4/18/15,4/23/16,4/28/17,3/28/18 and 4/5/19. This year’s program was scheduled for March 28, 2020 but will need to be reschedule due to the school closures concerning the Covid-19 pandemic precautions.